for a friend of mine’s grandfather

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from the stranger’s land

There was something new at this year’s EuroCar. It is a strange conveyance, but after reading its reason for being it is a useful solution to a potential problem.

When I was a kid all of the US spacemen landed –splashed-down– in the ocean. Not so for the Soviet cosmonauts. They got to splash-down on dirt, or if things went really pear-shaped they came down in swampy rural part of Siberia (just guessing but I think the majority of the area was/is rural). That swampy rural part of Siberia is where this machine would earn its rubles. It is a air-boat. Not too dissimilar from those that are seen on Swamp-People TV, but leagues more cool. Thick over-lapping props, gull-wing doors, and this big-ass hammer and sickle painted on the side. I haven’t seen any of that on Swamp-People TV.

Red interior with room for about four — if they are comrades. It is a bit tight, but if you’re in Siberia you’ll accept heat where ever you find it. There is some room behind the rear seats for luggage.


Radial air-cooled engine with no bloody thought of noise abatement. Little stubby stacks pump out the decibels. I don’t know if ear-plugs were considered to be a decadence of the West.

It was by far the coolest thing at the show.

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at the george

Bluegrass music and adults playing with blocks. Always a wonderful way to end a day at school.

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bald rock

totems, prayers, and pleas
in hopes of return, love,
& perhaps immortality

Bald Rock, Hwy 76 at the top of the South Carolina escarpment.

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old photos


I was looking through a drawer, and found several envelopes of photographs. These of my brother and sister-in-law were among them.

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july the 28th

In certain situations I let my lawyer do the talking.

Outside the pub where the faithful had gathered for the march to the Stadium.


This Spurs fan was seated outside the pub waiting for the march to the Stadium to begin.
His shirt honors the now retired Spurs Captain, Ledley King.


A nice couple we met from Cleveland, Ohio.



Up in this alley are where the gooners were to be found.



This is how many gooners act in public. Even their womenfolk. Sad really, they pull for such a team and are actually proud of it. The late dictator of Iraq was said to be an Arsenal supporter.


Flags were passed out to the faithful.


On the march to the Stadium taunting the hapless Liverpool fans with such witticisms as “your striker is a racist” and to celebrate how Liverpool placed in the EPL we offered up the ever popular “eighth place — eighth place” chant.


Here we observe a Liverpool supporter celebrating his team’s striker’s jersey.


Walking into the Stadium of the NFL Ravens.



The scoreboard welcomed us into a stadium that was hotter than a steam locomotive.



Starting team for Spurs.


Starting mob for the Reds.


And after we were roasted for a little while the match began.



Bale was attacked by that mad-man Charlie Adam with a vicious clout to the ankle. Since the match was officiated with a crew from MLS, and that being a league where such assaults are accepted and common place, there was no red (or even yellow) card. Merely a “stern talking-to.”



The end-zone Tottenham Hotspur supporters in their lilywhites.



End-zone supporters of Liverpool wearing their traditional red. I understand that they never walk alone. I think it has to do with the inability to read maps, or find their way home on their own. They are, however, seemingly proud of this characteristic.



That’s how many mad-dogs and Englishmen went out into the mid-day sun.



After ninety minutes the match was over with a scoreless tie.

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Bridge over the canal at Lockheart SC.

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as the building crumbles comfort awaits.
from somewhere deep inside a telephone rang,
no lines were attached.

Sandhill, South Carolina

I used to travel much more than I do now. There was an ancient store/gasoline station on the highway from Columbia to Sumter. This tilting building was my test subject for every new piece of photographic equipment. Film or digital, lens or body — everything was used on this lovely bit of decay.

I understood that a couple had purchased the building with the plan to restore it to its former beauty. Sadly, the place burnt to the ground.

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it only hurts

It only hurts when you care.
If you cared about nothing, then nothing would hurt.

And when words hurt someone you love, then you hurt like knives.

It only hurts when you care.

and it does hurt

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cold winds blow

As the cold winds of winter finally arrive, I remember a warm and lovely Thanksgiving weekend.

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Found in the thrown-out pile of the once loved, a doll’s house is cleaned and made useful again by a heart that saw its potential.

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echo of glory

“It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory.”
Bill Nicholson

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